The site of GASTRODIRECT is located at 10, rue du Pont - L8087 BERTRANGE.The terms of conditions after-specified apply to all orders placed with GASTRODIRECT for all items and services offered.

Our commitment - Cheapest price on the market.Gastrodirect is a subsidiary company of Locafroid Europe SA multinational who offer you the lowest price..
Gastrodirect has more than 30 000 records. Gastrodirect is committed to deliver your products very quickly. Normally we have 30 000 records and almost all of them are in stock. However, due to the great demand for some of our products and the number of companies dealing with us sometimes, there may be some products not available in stock. In this case, we will either offer a similar product or another one in an upper range at the same price and with quick delivery.
Order your items in 5 clicks. Select your items, add them to your basket, choose the type of delivery and the method of payment.Your cart is your order form. If you choose to order, please enter the information necessary for billing and delivery of items. The information you provide will be your engagement notice. In case of error in the delivery form section, the website and GASTRODIRECT will not be responsible. After submitting your details, you must choose your payment method. Your order will be automatically confirmed and this will be an irrevocable commitment of your side (it cannot be questioned in the limited cases under these conditions). For instance, if you want your equipment purchased at GASTRODIRECT to be installed, please indicate that on your order. There is an additional charge as a technician will come to your place.
At each step of your order processing (validation, possible unavailability, dispatch) an e-mail is automatically sent provided the email address given on the registration form does not contain any error. The e-mail confirming your order processing and shipping date will also give you the number of the parcel and the website address of the carrier for tracking purposes.

Gastrodirect reserves the right to cancel an order for some reasons (a problem prevailing from the order or an internal supply problem). The company has 5 working days to inform you that your order cannot be delivered and will furthermore ask you to modify or cancel it.
If you order on our website and you can pay by credit card. Please note that the transaction of the payment of your credit card is processed automatically from our website to the website of our bank. Our bank is the CIC located in France; all transactions are guaranteed not only by the CIC, but also by AXA which is a bank with a limit of 1, 000, 000 Euros.

When purchasing on our web site, you automatically receive the following guarantees. Our insurance who gives a guarantee for payments will reimburse you and in case of fraud or if a dispute arises, you will benefit from our mediation service for any case of commercial litigation.
The payment methods we accept are:

(A) Credit Card.We accept credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.We recommend this option because it is the easiest, fastest and completely secure. With our bank CIC located in France, GASTRODIRECT opted for a highly secure payment tool which is fully guaranteed by the CIC and AXA Bank. This quality label ensures total data security for payment of your purchases online.

(B) Bank transfer, for such type of settlements, our account number is:

IBAN : FR76 1003 7333 2000 0738 4560 163
Bank : CIC Thoinville

Warning! When you do a bank transfer, please clearly indicate the invoice number or order number so that we can associate your payment with your account.

The transfer must be made from your account to the account of the company GASTRODIRECT, whose details will be also shown on the order form. For transactions from abroad, whether in euros or other currencies, you are responsible for all additional bank charges.Upon receipt of your payment, your order will be shipped immediately.

(C) Cash on delivery - You can pay by cash on delivery. In this case, our driver deposits the goods and you pay the amount of shown on the invoice without discount with the driver. Please note that our drivers only accept cash. They do not have the right to take checks! .

(D) Credit Card.We accept credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.We recommend this option because it is the easiest, fastest and completely secure. With our bank CIC located in France, GASTRODIRECT opted for a highly secure payment tool which is fully guaranteed by the CIC and AXA Bank. This quality label ensures total data security for payment of your purchases online.

For orders as from 100 €, the delivery will be free (excluding Islands and other territories sea).For all orders under 100 €, we will ask for a contribution to the costs of delivery, packaging and handling of 19 €.All orders placed and paid before 1 p.m will be processed the same day if the product is in stock. All expenses for small parcels are paid by the carrier and can be processed the same day.

In case of absence during the delivery, the carrier will file a non-delivery notice.Please be careful to include your telephone number so that the carrier will be able to contact you prior to the delivery or for delivery problems.We always ask our transport companies to contact our customers before delivery so that they can fix an appropriate date, but this is not always respected by the carrier. Customers delivered by our own drivers will be contacted automatically to fix a date prior to the delivery date.

When you receive your parcel, please unpack all the equipments and check them before signing on the delivery note of the carrier.If, however, it appears that an article has been damaged by the carrier, please indicate on the delivery note of the carrier when he is still at your place and refuse the goods or you call us immediately to see if you will still keep the goods even if damaged. In this case, we will give you an extra discount which will be paid for the damaged goods by the carrier's insurance.It is not necessary to put on the delivery note of the carrier "acceptance subject to unpacking" because this statement has no legal value. We recommend that you indicate on the delivery note the exact state of the goods or the device received especially if it has been damaged. The more precise you are, the faster your file will be processed.

(1) The deadline for delivery : In case the products ordered are in stock, it will be delivered by small parcel within 3 to 5 working days.For larger orders, which will be delivered by the carrier, it will take between 5 to 7 business days (depending on your county in France).When ordering, please clearly indicate your shipping address and your telephone numbers which are important for the carrier so that he can notify you of your day and date of delivery.

(2) Installation : In case you want to be installed in the equipment ordered GASTRODIRECT, our installation partners will contact you as soon as the goods has arrived on their platform. They will fix an appointment to install your product.

(3) The warranty and service after sale : In general, GASTRODIRECT guarantees the products for a year.Moreover, if you want to take an additional guarantee for the goods purchased from GASTRODIRECT, there will be an additional cost for warranty which will be 5% of buying price.Malfunctioning of the device due to a production problem is covered by the warranty.Regarding worn-out parts, broken windows, scratches or malfunction due to poor maintenance of the machine will not be covered by the warranty.In the case of a failure, please fill out the form on our website, indicating all the necessary information, for example, serial number, year of production etc. You can have all the information you need next to the machine matriculation.In order to properly deal with a case of dispute, we will need specific information which will be asked on the form so that we can order parts and to notify our technicians.If however, the form is not sent or is poorly completed, we will not be able to process your dispute and will not be able to intervene.If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it in exchange of a credit on your account. Under certain conditions: the goods must be in their original packaging and in perfect condition and sent to GASTRODIRECT 10 rue du Pont - L8087 BERTRANGE.

(4) After the warranty : The return request is made by connecting to the site GASTRODIRECT under "My Stuff" from "My Account": the list your different orders, the amount you spent, appears etc. Simply click on the number of the corresponding to the product you ordered and want to return, leave a reason for returning and validate. Once the return request is approved by the customer service, you can return it within 7 days on your expenses in its original packaging.

A credit valid for one year will be then generated, and there is a code for this arrangement (which you can find in the My coupons in my account). You may at any time choose to receive a refund of the purchase (excluding shipping charges) by check or bank transfer in Euros (bank charges at your expense for a transfer abroad).

Reimbursement for items of your order with a credit note will be generated only after verification of the quantity and quality of items that were returned by our Customer Service. Articles must not have been used or have suffered any damage, and must be perfectly clean.This right of withdrawal is done without penalty fee, except from the cost of return.

(5) Cost of return for individuals : We are ready to provide you with any spare parts. Request a quote from our sales team.

(6) Customer Service : After sales service is available from 10 am to 12 am and 5 pm to 6 pm.To ensure that you have a faster response to your request, please fill out a form on our website GASTRODIRECT and it will be processed at any time of the day even after the time indicated.

(7) The choice of best brands : Thanks to our close relationships with our suppliers, GASTRODIRECT is able to offer the best brands at very competitive prices.

(8) VAT : In order that the company GASTRODIRECT, subsidiary company of Locafroid EUROPE SA, Grand Duke of Luxemburg, we have the right like other companies who have a VAT no. to charge without VAT.In order to pay without VAT, please clearly indicate your VAT registration no. when ordering, you can find this on your VAT returns for France. Please make sure that your VAT number is correct because you order as the system may not accept it. In case your number is incorrect, we will have to charge you the VAT.

Once you have entered your VAT number in the system, the first purchase together with the following ones will benefit from No VAT payment.What does this change for you? Nothing AT ALL, you will not have to make customs declaration or to pay VAT on your statement.You should be aware that the Grand Duke of Luxemburg is the European with the lowest VAT rate.

(9) Regarding data information on the website : GASTRODIRECT takes great care to ensure that all information are listed on the site. There may be lack of information or it can happen that errors occur on our website, in this case, please accept our apologies.The general conditions of sale detailed beforehand apply to all orders placed with the company GASTRODIRECT for all items and services.